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Congratulations to Josh & Elana Thurston-Milgrom

Jun 22 2008

Congratulations to my children, Josh and Elana Thurston-Milgrom.

Josh, who graduated from the University of Chicago in June, received the Leonard B Meyers Prize for the best Bachelor’s Thesis in the Department of Music at the University of Chicago. His thesis, entitled “Okonkolo: The Short/Long Theory of West African Rhythm,” argues that standard Western notation, with its binary basis, cannot adequately notate the rhythms of West African music, but that an alternative short/long notation can do the job.

Elana earned her Master of Arts in June from the University of Texas at Austin. Her thesis, “The Czech Holocaust Novel, Barbarism, Hope and Death: A Comparative Reading of Pan Theodor Mundstock and Život s Hvězdou,” explores the relationship of the Czech Holocaust novel to Holocaust literature in general and the comparative reading of the novels Život s Hvězdou by Jiří Weil and Pan Theodor Mundstock by Ladislav Fuks. The two novels focus on the beginning stages of WWII in the occupation of Prague by the Nazis, and the individualized experiences of the Jewish protagonists. It is because these novels focus on the pre-war period that they can give remarkable and effective portrayals of the Holocaust and the experiences of its victims.

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