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Dec 7 2012
Paul has given a public lecture about the US Incentive Auctions at CERGE-EI in Prague, which can be seen here on the Internet. Cerge is a joint workplace of Charles University in Prague & The Economics Institute of The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. In addition, CERGE has posted a ...
Oct 22 2012
The American Economic Association has announced the results of its elections for 2013. The new president is William Nordhaus of Yale University and the two new VP’s are Paul Milgrom of Stanford University and Raquel Fernandez of NYU. Also elected were two new members of the AEA executive committee...
Sep 28 2012
“This is a big deal.” With those words, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski introduced the FCC’s latest initiative to develop a wireless information superhighway for US businesses and consumers. The Commissioners voted 5-0 to propose a system that would encourage U.S. television broadcasters to turn in...
Jun 14 2012
The National Science Foundation released today a video interview with Paul Milgrom as part of its ScienceLive program. The interview is a personal one, asking about influences in Paul’s life and career. A link to the article and video are here.
Jun 13 2012
On June 12, the Brazilian regulator, Anatel, conducted its first 4G spectrum auction, selling spectrum in the 2500MHz band. By far the most valuable spectrum licenses sold in this auction were the paired bands optimized for use with LTE-FDD. These bands, however, were packaged with obligations to...


Latest News

Feb 21 2020
Paul delivered the 2019 Aumann lecture, honoring Nobel Laureate Robert Aumann in Israel in July 2019. This lecture was expanded and updated for Paul's 2019 Marshall lectures, delivered over two days at Cambridge University in November, 2019. Those lectures were recorded and are available online  at...
Sep 10 2019
Auctionomics, working on behalf of the C-Band Alliance, has proposed a novel auction design called FUEL ("flexible use and efficient licensing") to sell rights to use the C-band for 5g. The design, proposed in June 2019, is a combinatorial design in which bidders can bid for between 0-9 licenses in...
Apr 19 2019
On April 12, 2019, Paul delivered the Robert Rosenthal Memorial lecture at Boston University. A video of that lecture is available here.