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Apr 18 2013
A conference that Stanford has dubbed the “Milgromfest” was held on April 19-20, 2013 to honor Paul Milgrom’s 65th birthday. The conference featured sessions with economics research papers presented by Paul’s former students and collaborators in diverse areas. The conference program includes...
Feb 19 2013
The BBVA Foundation announced in Madrid today that Paul Milgrom has won the 2012 Frontiers of Knowledge Award in the area of economics, finance and management.
Dec 15 2012
The 2012 Nobel prize for economics celebrated the new field of Market Design. Lloyd Shapley - a mathematician - wrote the first analyses that made the development of this field possible. Alvin Roth not only advanced the theory but also put the new market design analyses to work in important...
Dec 7 2012
Paul has given a public lecture about the US Incentive Auctions at CERGE-EI in Prague, which can be seen here on the Internet. Cerge is a joint workplace of Charles University in Prague & The Economics Institute of The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. In addition, CERGE has posted a ...
Oct 22 2012
The American Economic Association has announced the results of its elections for 2013. The new president is William Nordhaus of Yale University and the two new VP’s are Paul Milgrom of Stanford University and Raquel Fernandez of NYU. Also elected were two new members of the AEA executive committee...


Latest News

Apr 19 2019
On April 12, 2019, Paul delivered the Robert Rosenthal Memorial lecture at Boston University. A video of that lecture is available here. 
May 1 2018
Paul Milgrom today was welcomed as the new chair of the economics section of the National Academy of Sciences. The Academy was created by President Abraham Lincoln to advise the United States on scientific matters. At its annual meeting, which ended yesterday, Paul was also a co-recipient of the...
Apr 16 2018
The $20 billion incentive auction was a complicated beast, and its auction design and implementation have rightly been celebrated, but they were just part of the successful spectrum reallocation process. The operations research and analytical pieces were crucial as well, and the key people included...