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Securities Markets

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Latest News

Sep 10 2019
Auctionomics, working on behalf of the C-Band Alliance, has proposed a novel auction design called FUEL ("flexible use and efficient licensing") to sell rights to use the C-band for 5g. The design, proposed in June 2019, is a combinatorial design in which bidders can bid for between 0-9 licenses in...
Apr 19 2019
On April 12, 2019, Paul delivered the Robert Rosenthal Memorial lecture at Boston University. A video of that lecture is available here. 
May 1 2018
Paul Milgrom today was welcomed as the new chair of the economics section of the National Academy of Sciences. The Academy was created by President Abraham Lincoln to advise the United States on scientific matters. At its annual meeting, which ended yesterday, Paul was also a co-recipient of the...